Mom and Pop go to Washington
May 30th, 2002

     Executive Director Louise Lindenmeyr and Artistic Director Eliot Osborn were invited to Washington, DC to present the work of Project Troubador at the Global Health Council's 29th Annual Conference.  They presented in a forum entitled "Using the Arts in Health Interventions," showing video clips describing the evolution of the use of music and street theater in HIV/AIDS prevention in Cameroon with the Kongadzem women.
     Louise and Eliot shared the lunch hour presentation in the Palladian Ballroom of the Omni Shoreham Hotel with Saraswathi Sankaran, PhD, who is doing similar HIV/AIDS prevention work using dance and mime with the Deepam Educational Society for Health in India.

     The Global Health Council is an international membership organization composed of professionals and institutions in the healthcare field, as well as related humanitarian organizations.  Its mission is to advocate, build alliances and communicate ideas concerning the future of critical global issues.  The Conference attracts over 1500 health and development professionals from around the world.

     Project Troubador was honored to be able to share its work with health specialists, decision-makers, politicians and activists from around the world. Many people we attracted by our work, wanting to know how they might become involved  ­ from a public health graduate student interested in an internship to an African NGO director inviting Project Troubador to her country. We hope to be able to develop some of these connections in the future.